Semalt: How To Extract Videos From Any Website

There are fantastic trailers, movies, and other video clips on the net that you can download, save, and watch for several times. However, downloading videos from Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms can be difficult, especially with third-party applications. Although there are numerous video downloaders, and each of them comes with one shortcoming or the other. To cut your search for a perfect video downloader, you can try Movavi Screen Recorder.

What makes the software somewhat different from the rest

There are a few reasons why this application stands out from the rest. First of all, it has a very intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to use. It downloads videos at an astonishing speed. With the tool, you can download a two-hour video within minutes. You can also save it in any format you like. In addition, you can upload the downloaded movies to your media player, smartphone, and tablet so that you can watch any of them offline. Finally, the software comes in two versions – Mac and Windows versions.

Instructions on how to use the online video downloader

You need to download its installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Now after installation, here is how to use it to download any video:

  • Crop the recording frame

The first step is to adjust the frame by drawing the frame over the particular video you want to capture. In the alternative, you can select any of the preset frames available in the Capture Area list. But before you do that, you need to draw an initial frame.

  • Rip the video

After setting the frame, you can now rip the video from the website. To do that, you should click the "REC" button. The application will then prompt you to start playing your video after a countdown of three. Just follow the instruction.

There are some important keys meant for controlling the download process. For Windows users, press F9 to either pause or resume download. The key works as a toggle. F10 is used to stop the process. Once you click the Stop button, the video will be saved in your hard drive. It will be saved in MKV that is the default format. Sometimes, you may need to edit the video. You may want to cut off the movie credit part (the part after a movie where a list of the contributors is run). To do that, you will need to preview it in a preview window and start editing. You can also convert the video to another format in the preview window.

How to edit and convert the video

To cut off any part of the video, just drag the white marker to the beginning of the part you are trying to cut off. Then, click the scissors icon. Like that, you have indicated the beginning of the unwanted part of the video. You also need to indicate the end of the unwanted part so the editor knows where to stop the deletion. To do that, you need to place the same marker at the end of the unwanted part and also click the scissors icon again.

Now, the next step is to select the marked portion on the timeline and click the delete button/icon. The marked section will be deleted immediately. Finally, you need to save the changes (the deletion) by clicking the "Save As" button. A new export dialog box will appear, you need to select your preferred format from the box and click "Save" and you are done. After clicking Save, your video will be ready in less than a minute.